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    WHAT IS HL7?
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The medical format

How the message is parssed

EmeraldMedic is working on implementing as many HL7 compatible forms as possible. HL7 is an American standard that is used across the globes in many countries; a partial list includes countries such as Australia, New Zealand, UK, PRC, Hong Kong, Many countries in the EU, India, Mexico, Canada, USA and more. The protocol defines message formats similar to those found in many out information based industries. The idea is that adherence to the said protocol will make it easier to implement tools that take advantages of these messages.

The following is an HL7 message:
PID|1||000395122||LEVERKUHN^ADRIAN^C||19880517180606|M|||6 66TH AVE NE^^WEIMAR^DL^98052||(157)983-3296|||S||12354768|87654321
IN1|1|PRE2||LIFE PRUDENT BUYER|PO BOX 23523^WELLINGTON^ON^98111|||19601||||||||THOMAS^JAMES^M|F|||||||||||||||||||ZKA535529776

Since all of the fields were predefined, anyone who now holds a copy of the HL7 protocol documentation will be able to read and understand this message. EmeraldMedic is working on solutions not only to parse these fields in a user-friendly and patient-oriented manner so that each patient will be able to parse and read their own medical file in their own homes, but we're also working on implementing smart contracts to force adherence to the said protocol. In this manner, each file in the patient medical record will be parsable by any other users of our systems. At EmeraldMedic we want to be able to allow the users to read and write their messages in an easy manner. Moreover, we want to place the code to do so on the Ethereum blockchain so that each user who uses the EVM will instantly have access to all of the tools that are required to work with such messages, even without calling a transaction (although approval via transactions will also be available to those who needs such a service).

EmeraldMedic will complete its solution by developing in-house web solutions, that will provide the users with a user-friendly interface to read and write the said data. The solution will be integrated with our blockchain databases completeness and soundness verification to make sure that the information that is feed into our parser and displayed to the user doesn't only adhere to the HL7 protocol, but it also adheres to all other EmeraldMedic protocols, e.g., it contains the proper signatures, it belongs to the said user, the database isn't corrupted etc - those given to any user, in any place around the world a powerful tool to maintain EHR that is on par with all the medical IT standards that can be found in expensive IT solutions that can usually only be found in first world countries.

If you have more questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us.

We value your feedback and will be more than heappy to hear from you