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    WHAT IS HL7?
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About Us

We Facilitate Medical Care

Our Vision

Blockchain is a general term that refers to a specific type of systems made up of a few components, where the blockchain itself, as a chain of blocks, is but one of these components. The others are dealing with encryption, consensus and networking protocols, databases and more.

With this understanding, we in EmeraldMedic found multiple ways in which the power of the blockchain can be harnessed to provide the medical IT ecosystem better tools and solutions.

It is important to understand that the current medical IT solutions are made of layers of contradicting systems, protocols and tools that usually cannot communicate directly with each other, and sometimes even fail to work internally. These tools were designed from top to bottom to solve ad hoc problems that the system admins were facing, thus creating a pyramid in which the needs of the patients are at the bottom, while the needs of the system admins are at the top, and the rest of the medical treatment team is in the middle.

We use the power of the blockchain to turn this pyramid upside down. The blockchain provides us with the tools to create an internationally recognized and enforceable protocol and tools that provide the patients with control over their own medical data, give the medical personnel ways to easily receive, verify and authenticate sensitive information about their patients from multiple systems, thereby allowing them to provide a continuous medical care. Using our tools we are able to create a lean, open source, worldwide accepted IT solution for the medical ecosystem that can be implemented in just a matter of minutes in many places around the world and entitling billions of people who either didn’t have any way to access and work with their own personal medical records (or any other related information) or didn’t have any access to any modern medical system to begin with.

The system also utilizes the power of the blockchain to perform many medical related transactions such as insurance payments, drug prescription, laboratory checkups and more. We do so by introducing our in-house currency. Not only will our coin provide a way for the payments within the medical world to be done in a secure and continuous way, but the coin will also be an inherent aspect of our system, which will tie all of the players together.

Fig 1. Blockchain's tools

EmeraldMedic cannot do it alone. Cooperation with our user base is at its utmost importance. That is why we teamed with some of the most leading economists to craft our currency and economic model in a way that will incentivize the medical community to adhere to our protocols and solutions. We’re also in the midst of a pilot stage. Our systems are already installed at the offices of many clinics across the country, each provides us with extremely valuable feedback, and each is a potential user, waiting for our system to go live so they can start working with it from day one

If you have more questions or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact us.

We value your feedback and will be more than heappy to hear from you